Motherhood Realness

Today has been a day with a teething, cranky, fussy, drooly, sleepy baby on the hip and catching up on grocery shopping and cleaning up the place.

Because sometimes the days really do go like this: hurry up and get as much as you can get done before baby wakes up but if that fails then swing him across your hip and multitask (phew, long sentence!). Heck, that’s what motherhood is all about, right? Make adjustments in your schedule and work through the struggles and the hurdles that appear throughout your day. And even with a super unhappy baby, I still find a reason to smile because I’m a mom and that alone is a wonderful feeling!

Be blessed mamas and snuggle your little ones. I hear this stage only lasts for a little while…even though last night felt like a super long night. Little Mr. is working on three teeth. Oh boy. And just when I thought I could escape for three minutes to write this post, he found me and is climbing up my leg. Time to go back to my momma duties.

Any tips to ease the teething pain/discomfort? What did you find works best? IMG_20160511_170213.jpg


8 thoughts on “Motherhood Realness

  1. I swear I’m not stalking you, but I love your posts! I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old, and the only thing I’ve ever found to help teething is when they finally come in 😦 Neither of my kids ever wanted teethers, and the tablets and Orajel only last about 2 seconds. As they say, “this too shall pass”.

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    1. April! Haha-I don’t mind you stalking me at all 😉 I love getting comments and traffic. Thanks for stopping by. This morning my little man woke up with a fever. Ugh, this feels like a super long week. He has about 5 new teeth coming through. OH MY WORD.


      1. Oh no! We only have 2 right now but sometimes I swear it will be the death of us all. I would watch the fever though-everyone tells me that’s part of teething but we thankfully never dealt with that. Hope he (and definitely you!) feel better soon.

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  2. Oh teething EEEEVVVVILLL Teething! Out of my 4 my youngest is the one who has gone through the GRRR and made up for her siblings who really didn’t get all pains she has had. What I found that worked for her is getting those little mesh that you can put fruit inside(got them at babiesrus) I would put frozen fruits like grapes and strawberries before she could eat them herself and now cut them up into bite sized and freeze and give it to her. also the large pretzel sticks helped as well. And if all else fails my Wrap was my BFF and cry along with them LOL… ((HUGS)) Hope your little one feels better!

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    1. I totally forgot about the mesh thingy! I even have two. Looks like I’ll get that thing out tomorrow and give it a shot. He had a fever today but it broke this evening 🙂 Hopefully the teeth pop out soon too so this craziness can be over for a little while. Thanks for the tips!


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