My Confession

So yesterday afternoon hubby took me on a date. Understand that a date is a HUGE thing
for us these days because it rarely happens. We both live 1,000 miles away from any family so we don’t have the privilege of having “free” babysitters. Also, he’s in the Navy so our time together is ALWAYS limited. And whenever we do get a chance to get out alone, we try and fit everything in about three hours before picking up the kiddo again. Well, yesterday we decided to do pretty much nothing and head to the beach. Because the beach is free entertainment, beautiful, relaxing, and why not tan while lounging around. Even though the beach wasn’t super packed, I realized something about myself.

I have low self-esteem. There, I said it.

I did not have the nerve to take my tank top and shorts off and swim in my swimsuit. I couldn’t do it. Even though the beach was practically empty, I felt way too insecure. I work out. I consider myself fit. And when I see other moms on the beach with stretch marks I want to cheer them on. I want to tell them “Good job mama! You are beautiful, gorgeous, perfect, and worth it!” But instead I tell myself my tummy is gross, wrinkly, and totally unattractive. I allow my mind to play all these lies and give in to every self-criticizing thought ABOUT ME!

YMy Confession (BLOG POST PIN)esterday evening I talked to a good friend of mine and she made the same comment. She can’t even get herself to make a trip to the beach/pool in anything less than sweat pants and an oversized shirt. I laughed at that statement but then thought about it for some time. Why are we ashamed? Why do we have to feel embarrassed? Now, I’m not all about ignoring weight issues. No. If you are unhappy with yourself because of weight problems and this is something you CAN control, get yourself into a work out routine. I’m talking about moms who are in great shape and feel fit but still feel embarrassed. We freaking carried babies. Our bodies were homes to another human being for nine months. STRETCH MARKS ARE OKAY! And hey, I’m definitely speaking to myself here on this one. I think everyone will look at me and judge me and then talk about me behind my back. But honestly, I don’t know that and that’s most likely not the case.

Moms, don’t be ashamed of your body. You are beautiful. You can put your mind to anything and can change your body. Pregnancy is a wonderful miracle, but let’s be real, it changes your body in so many different crazy scary ways. But it’s okay. We’re in this together. I admire you mamas who wear a bikini and actually rock it and feel like a freaking rockstar. Yay for you. I’m working on that and don’t know if I’ll ever get there. Maybe I need some inspiration and encouragement from you! 😉 Because the reality is I’m fit. I feel incredible. I look ten times better than I did before pregnancy. But those handful of silvery lines on my lower tummy freak me out.

My final point is DON’T hide yourself and make up all those lies about what you’re not. And remember, you can do anything with your mind as long as the mind is in the same place. And your babies need to see mama loves herself and is proud of the body she has!

You are worth it. ❤


19 thoughts on “My Confession

  1. Yes yes yes! We are awesome and our bodies show what an amazing thing we have done! Funny enough, I used to hide my body pre-baby because I was always overweight and flabby. But now I don’t care as much. I guess I have more pride in my body after all it went through.
    Seriously though if you had a pinnable image on this post I would pin the hell out of it.

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      1. I don’t see an image on this post, are you hiding it? Remember, Pinable images should be vertical, and have the blog post title or something about the post written on them.


  2. So true! It’s tough when your body changes so drastically to get used to a new you. But your body image should be positive and never ruin a good time because you’re freaking out about it! You go girl!

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  3. I love this! So many times I’ve looked in the mirror and thought something like “ew gross”, but the reality is that I carried a baby for 9 months. I kept her alive with nothing but breastmilk for 7 months, and I’m still providing 75% of her daily nutrition now at 10 months. I need to remember to cut myself some slack every now and then and make sure that I’m taking Gods view of myself into account each and every day.

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    1. Thanks girl! It truly is amazing. Mamas are REAL superheroes. We accomplish so much on a day to day basis and we don’t ever give ourselves enough credit, a pat on the back, or a chance to rest for just a second. You’re doing great! ❤


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  5. Very true!!! I can really relate to this and love your honesty! I just hope you can take on your own words as well because YOU are beautiful as well and should not be ashamed of anything! Don´t let insecurity ruin your precious date and try, (i know it´s superhard) to not care about what others think!!


    1. I am definitely working on it! It’s not something that will change overnight (I’ve already settled with that!) but I am for sure trying to NOT worry about what others think or say! 🙂 Thanks for your sweet words 🙂 ❤


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