I’m that Mom


Because I’m that mom who lets her child stay up and experience something new, fun, and exciting.

Because I’m that mom who works around nap time and bed time and doesn’t let it control her.

Because I’m that mom who rocks her baby to sleep every single night.

Because I’m that mom who checks on her sleeping baby at least five times a night.

Because I’m that mom who lets her child walk around in just a diaper.

Because I’m that mom who lets her child play for hours in the sand, water, or mud.

Because I’m that mom who snuggles her baby at night.

And you know what? I may get a ton of raised eyebrows at most of these “bad habits” but someday he will be 20, on his own and not in need of his mama as much. So if I want to have him in the bed tonight, I will. If I want to rock him to sleep, I will. And if I want to take him swimming at 7pm, I will.

These days don’t last long and I want to cherish every second. So even though he may not sleep through the night, I’m okay with that because I get to feel his chubby hands wrap around my neck in the middle of the night. I get to comfort him when he’s scared.

I’m a mama and I love my mama life.


11 thoughts on “I’m that Mom

  1. Love this. But at the same time it made me sad because a childhood friend has lost her husband this past week. They have a one year old, and she was writing about never having the Dad on the other side again.

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  2. Lovely message! These days go by so quickly. My youngest is two and the constant feeds and him needing me seem like a million years ago. I know it’s incredibly difficult when you’re going through it, but the years truly are short!

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  3. Amen! Sometimes I sleep in bed with the three year old and sometimes I let her stay up all night watching movies with me. I don’t mind doing things that are “bad” because in the blink of an eye she won’t want to do her stinky butt dance or cuddle in my lap any more.

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    1. Aww this is so sweet. Thanks for the great reminder. It’s so easy to forget that these moments won’t last forever especially in the difficult situations. But they truly grow like weeds!


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