The site where adventures are real, life is kept real, and the struggle is real. We are moms. We all have similar struggles. Whether that struggle is trying to take a five minute shower, or escape to pee for two seconds, or deciding what to get done in the time your little ones nap. This is life and we live life with little ones. And if you have babies that are now in college, welcome! I want to create a site for everyone to feel at home with and the chance to either escape for maybe two minutes or find advice and help on food and fitness. And let me just say it right off the bat, there will be very real posts here. I will not lie and post something fake on social media just to be in the spotlight. Somedays I will look like I have it together with my hair done and my makeup on point, and then there will be the days where I will be in my workout attire and it’ll be 3pm and I still haven’t showered.

Welcome to motherhood.