So maybe you stumbled upon this site because you have a niche for food, or maybe it’s fitness, or perhaps it’s because you are a mom and you know all the realities moms go through on a day-to-day basis. You know, that moment you want to do something but then little hands grab your leg and stop you or that second you remember something and the it’s a “just kidding” moment because you forgot. Yeah, those moments are totally normal and something I explore and can relate to on a daily basis. Welcome to my journey of motherhood, fitness (great tips on how to workout in your apartment! ooh, that’s gotta be interesting), food (I’m a BIG foodie and love to eat) and just the daily excitements and craziness life gives you (even the poopy moments!).

I’m Vanessa. A vegan at heart. A momma. A military spouse. A coffee drinker. A green tea latte lover. And all I need is Jesus to get me through this life. I do not write for my own satisfaction but for the glory of God.

This is where we do real life. I don’t have any of it together. Sometimes there’s spit up milk on my shirt or my hair is falling out of its “somewhat put together bun” and other times, I don’t even have matching socks on. But hey, this is mom life. And we have no time to criticize each other. If that’s your goal, then you might as well leave right now because none of that badmouthing talk will happen here.

Be blessed mommas. You are superheroes.


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